Celebrate With Sparkle! - Company Message
Select one of our party packages or
let us create a custom party package!
Up to 2 hour
Up to 2 hour
Up to 3 hour
Not Included
Not Included
Party Invitations
and Thank Cards
2 Spa Assistants
2 Spa Assistants
3 Spa Assistants
Cucumber Facial
Cucumber Facial
Cucumber Facial
Not Included
Not Included
Relaxation Station
Painted Nails
Painted Nails
Painted Nails
Not Included
Foot Soak
Petal Foot Soak
Tween Magazines
Tween Magazines
Tween Magazines
Fancy Fingers Massage
Fancy Fingers Massage
Fancy Fingers Massage
Spa Party Favor
Create Your Own - 2*
Personalized Swag Bags
Party Punch
Birthday Cupcakes
Signature Cake or
Party Menu and
Punch Fountain
Fun Group Exercise
Fun Group Exercise  
Fun Group Exercise
Party Music
Party Music
 Party Music
Pink Robes/Headband
(party wear only) 
Pink Robes/Headbands
(party wear only) 
**Pink Robes/Headbands
**Glittery Accessories and
Red Carpet Fashion Show
 Glittery Table Decor
 Glittery Table Decor
Glittery Table Decor
      w/Real Linen and Chair
* All party packages are priced to include *
up to eight girls.
There is an additional charge
 for each girl over the
pre-packaged price.
* If your spa party includes 10+ guests, *
a $30.00 fee will be added to your
package to cover the additional
time for party enjoyment.
* A 12% gratuity will be added to your *
invoice  for a group of nine or more
girls in attendance.
Spa Party Favors
Our fun beauty bar items
(lotion, glitter, bath salts, bubbles
and body mist) can be used as party favors. 
** You can select your upgraded party favors
(Pink robes & Head band or Glittery Accessories)
 Glittery Spa Fun!
Add extra glitter to your spa package!
~ Custom Water Bottles
$16.00 for Eight Girls
Personalized water bottles add a special touch to your BFF Spa party.
~ Lighted Punch Fountain
Glittery Body Tattoos
$25.00 for Eight Girls
Enjoy the elegance of the
 Lighted Punch Fountain.  We'll bring the glitzy stemware!
~ Fruity Smoothies
$30.00 for Eight Girls
Strawberries, Cherries or Bananas, oh my! 
A sweet, enjoyable drink served in our glitzy stemware.
~ Glittery Spa Collection Bag
$8.00 per guest
 Each bag includes; glittery nail file, glittery make-up mirror,
toe separators, nail polish and bath sponge. 
~ Ooh La La French Poodle Spa
$10.00 per guest
Bonjour, my little cupcake.
Let us make your spa party a fancy french soiree! 
Each girl will stuff a pink poodle for take home fun.
Merci beaucoup!
~Celebrity Star
$12.00 per guest
Add glitz and glam with our diva
sunglasses, and seguin hats.
Your little diva will treasure these fab take
home party favors.